my personal picture Joshua Sack

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
California State University Long Beach

Office: FO3-217
Email: joshua (dot) sack (at) csulb (dot) edu

Ph.D. in Mathematics received in June 2007
from Indiana University at Bloomington
Dissertation: Adding Temporal Logic to Dynamic Epistemic Logic
Thesis advisor: Lawrence Moss

Certificate in Logic received in 2002
from University of Amsterdam: Institute of Logic, Language and Computation

B.S. in Mathematics received in 2001
from University of Wisconsin at Madison

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Here are some courses that I taught in Long Beach and in other institutions:
  • Calculus 3 (MATH 224) at CSULB.
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra (MATH 247) at CSULB
  • Number Theory (MATH 341) at CSULB
  • Ordinary Differential Equations I (MATH 364A) at CSULB
  • Introduction to Abstract Algebra (MATH 444) at CSULB
  • Topics in Combinatorics and Graph Theory (MATH 495) at CSULB
  • Elements of Abstract Algebra (MATH 540) at CSULB
  • Topics in Abstract Algebra (MATH 545) at CSULB
  • Elements of Topology (MATH 550) at CSULB
  • Topics in Topology (MATH 555) at CSULB
  • Quantum Logic at the ILLC during January 2015
  • Epicenter minicourse on Quantum Logic at Maastricht University, January 2015.
    Slides here: pdf
  • Seminar Mathematical Logic at the ILLC during fall 2013
  • Reasoning with Probabilites at ESSLLI13 during summer 2013
  • Temporal Logic (with Bryan Renne) at the ILLC during summer 2013
  • Reasoning with Probabilities (with Eric Pacuit) at ESSLLI09 during the summer 2009


Here is a list of published and forthcoming papers

Some Events

Here are some past workshops:

Some Talks

  • Quantum Logic and Structure  (2015, November 4)   [pdf]
    Chapman University Mathematics and Computational Science seminar, Orange, CA, USA.
  • A Coalgebraic Approach to Graded Modal Logic and Graded Bisimilarity  (2014, November 11)   [pdf]
    Logic Tea. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Logic and its Applications to the Sciences   (2014, October 17)   [pdf]
    Department of Optics and Photonics Seminar. National Central University. Jhongli, Taiwan
  • Modal Logic for Mixed Strategies in Games   (2014, August 14)   [pdf]
    Dagstuhl Seminar on Formal Methods for Coordinating Multi-Agent Systems. Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany.
  • The probabilistic logic of communication and change   (2014, July 30)   [pdf]
    The eleventh Conference on Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory (LOFT). Bergen, Norway.
  • Axiomatizing Probabilistic Logic of Quantum Programs   (2014, April 1)   [pdf]
    Amsterdam Quantum Logic Workshop. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Modal logics and their semantics   (2012, Feb 22)   [pdf]
    Mathematics Colloquium at California State University Dominguez Hills. Carson, CA, USA.
  • General Framework for Probabilistic Characteristic Formulae   (2012 Jan 22)   [pdf]
    Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation workshop. Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  • Refined Inversion Statistics on Permutations   (2012, January 4)   [pdf]
    Joint Mathematics Meetings. Boston, MA, USA.
  • Extending Probabilistic Dynamic Epistemic Logic   (2008 May 29)   [pdf]
    Guest lecture in the class Advanced Modal Logic at Stanford University. Stanford, California, USA.
  • On Temporal Dynamic Epistemic Logic   (2008 February 15)   [pdf]
    UCLA Logic Colloquium. Los Angeles, CA, USA.
  • Muddy Children, other Logic Puzzles, and Temporal Dynamic Epistemic Logic   (2007 November 9)   [pdf]
    (An invitation to Epistemic Logic for non-logicians)
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium at California State University Long Beach. Long Beach, CA, USA.